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Creating a floor plan online with AI – all you need to know

Floor plan creator online

Creating a floor plan online with AI- all you need to know In the past, creating a floor plan was a mysterious, highly technical, and costly exercise. Thankfully, huge advances in AI technology and software have enabled tenants, landlords, brokers, and business owners to custom design a floor plan online in a fraction of the […]

How to Speed Up The CRE Sales Cycle with AI

Speed Up Your CRE Sales Cycle

Tips for Speed Up Your CRE Sales Cycle In Commercial Real Estate (CRE), nothing is more important than closing deals as fast as possible. For landlords, the prospect of long vacancy periods is daunting. For agents and brokers, everything hinges on the deal to close. Sales cycles of CRE deals involve a lot of market […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate

The Do’s and Don’ts of Commercial Real Estate The world of commercial real estate (CRE) is ever-changing, especially in a post-pandemic market. From retail spaces to office floors, storage units, or entire corporate office buildings, the best practices for leasing, managing, and overseeing a commercial property requires constant evolution and attention to the market and […]

Planning a Hybrid Office Space with AI

Hybrid Planning

AI-Powered Office Space Planning for a Hybrid Workplace Three years into the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become clear – hybrid working isn’t temporary. A work-life in which employees split their time between the office and working remotely is now the working model of choice for over 40% of employers in the United States. Hybrid working […]

The Basics Of AI-Powered Office Space Planning

Office space planning 101

AI-Powered Office Space Planning 101 Space planning is an integral part of the architectural and interior design process. Without a well-understood, and then well-planned space, most designs won’t be optimal for the purpose of the space. When it comes to office spaces, proper planning is crucial to providing the optimal work environments – for employees, […]

Planning a Performance-Driven Office with AI

An office space affects your employees’ experience

How Well-Designed Offices Affect Company Performance The modern commercial office is no longer just about supporting a company’s operations. Studies show a correlation between employees’ happiness and their productivity and it is clear that the office space is one of the main tools for employers to support and elevate their employees’ well-being and, therefore, the […]

How to Optimize Your Office Space Planning with AI

Optimize your office space

How To Optimize Your Office Space Planning with AI? Your office isn’t just a space for you and your employees to occupy during work hours. The office space is where important decisions are made, professional connections are created, and the culture of the company is formed. Even in a post-pandemic world, workers spend hundreds of […]

How AI is Disrupting the Real Estate Industry

How Tech is Disrupting the Real Estate Industry

How AI is Disrupting the Real Estate Industry Technology touches every aspect of our lives today, and the real estate industry is no exception. With 70% of buyers today searching for properties online and 85% of real estate brokers using advanced data tools to market and close deals, to say that technology changed the real […]

How to Lower Vacancy Rates

Reduce vacant spaces

Five Ways For Landlords To Lower Vacancy Rates One of the most terrifying words for landlords and property managers everywhere is – vacancy. When the vacancy rates of your properties are up, it can significantly affect your business, creating a dramatic void in your profit streams, generating unexpected costs, and even negatively affecting your current […]

How AI is Changing Traditional Office Space Planning

Employees’ New Needs Are Changing The Traditional Office

Employees’ New Needs Are Changing The Traditional Office In the next few years, Silicon Valley offices are about to change dramatically. Facebook’s office has thousands of employees in a single, mile-long workspace. Google’s campus was designed by architects to promote as many spontaneous social encounters as possible. And Samsung’s U.S. headquarters will include vast outdoor […]