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Meet the first platform to automate layout planning

qbiq empowers real estate teams, landlords, and tenants to close deals faster and unlock the potential of every space in no time.

In an industry where the last major technological leap occurred over 30 years ago, change is long overdue. Architectural planning integrates multiple facets of best practices, regulation, building constraints, tradeoff comparison, cost optimization, and many more.
Until now, the only way to address this complicated task is the painstakingly slow process of drawing line by line using a design program of some sort.
qbiq's technology is revolutionizing the 30 trillion-dollar global commercial real estate market by accelerating layout planning and design from weeks to seconds.

Our technology is based on four pillars:

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Artificial Intelligence

qbiq's AI-powered planning engines synthesize data from multiple sources – calculating best practices, regulation, building constraints, tradeoff comparison, cost optimization, efficiencies, utilization, and more – to deliver data-driven insights and faster, better planning.

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Generative Design

qbiq’s advanced generative design engines automatically produce sophisticated 3D renderings and virtual tours in less than 24 hours. A user simply enters their floor plan and requirements to receive software-generated layout plans and a visualization in 3D.

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Geometrical Optimization

Using cutting-edge geometry structural modeling, qbiq’s planning engines conceive optimal and innovative architectural layouts, considering design versatility, cost, energy distribution, and beyond.

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Parallel Cloud Computing

At the click of a button, a burst of 1,500 servers generates thousands of different plans, compares the alternatives, and delivers the best results in seconds. Requiring computer-intensive calculations, each plan is broken down into sub-plans that are then processed using machine learning (ML) and nonlinear programming to provide instant optimized planning.

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Decades of architectural knowledge loaded into thousands of engines

qbiq combines years of architectural experience with cutting-edge technology to generate test fit alternatives, taking into account costs, build time, efficiency, and utilization. The result is an optimized output planned and designed down to the millimeter.

The qbiq planning packages are fully compliant with ADA Egress, local regulations, and building constraints, offering professional-grade design alternatives compatible with AIA (American Institution of Architecture).

qbiq adheres to Regulatory compliance