qbiq for landlords

Close deals faster
and eliminate vacancies

Generate office layout plans in less than 24 hours with qbiq’s AI-powered planning solution, reducing deal cycles by 40% and leasing more space faster.


Get an office layout plan in 24 hours

Get an office layout plan in 24 hours


Lease more space faster

Time kills deals. With qbiq's planning solution you can now generate layout plans and 3D virtual tours for each prospective tenant, making the layout a part of your early marketing process and speeding up your leasing cycle.

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Reduce planning costs

For a fraction of the regular cost, you can create customized layout plans and 3D virtual tours for each prospective tenant, enabling you to truly customize your offering at scale.


Empower your brokers

With a fast planning solution, your brokers can bring your properties to life without any cost consideration or architectural expertise, improving their closing rates and optimizing space occupancy.

How does it work?

qbiq’s self-serve platform helps you generate layout plans and 3D virtual tours for any space without expertise or architectural knowledge. Available 24/7 and fully scalable, it removes all barriers and dependencies in the layout planning process.


3D virtual tours

Automatically generated 3D virtual tours that bring each test fit to life, providing an interactive and realistic experience.


3 Test fit alternatives

Optimized by AI-powered engines that automatically create, compare, and assess every option to produce the test fits.


Performance analysis

A complete analytic report which compares each alternative’s attributes, helping your clients make informed, data-driven decisions.

Case Study

SVR Commercial:
Lease Signed - Deal Closed

Vasha, a real estate agent from SVR commercial, faced the challenge of leasing a 3,447 SF outdated property in a post-Covid-19 market, where people were downsizing.

To overcome this challenge, Vasha utilized qbiq’s capabilities to create multiple floor plans for the space and provide realistic 3D virtual tours.

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