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Meet your new layout planning co-pilot

Generate architectural-grade floor layout alternatives and 3D virtual tours in minutes with qbiq’s AI-powered planning solution, reducing planning time from weeks to seconds.

using qbiq, an architect Generates architectural-grade floor layout plan in minutes instead of weeks
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Get an office layout plan in 24 hours

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Automate your business

Our self-service platform instantly generates layout plans and realistic 3D virtual tours for you with no added effort or cost, reducing manual errors and saving you time.

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Make data-driven decisions

Use deep analysis of daylight, walking distance, density, privacy, and acoustics, to support and customize your test fits.

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Optimize your deliverables

Our engines automatically create, compare, and assess thousands of scenarios to produce optimized plans, based on decades of architectural knowledge.

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Introduce innovation

Our technology and data-driven approach will allow you to grow at scale and position you as a leader in your industry.

How does it work?

qbiq’s self-serve platform helps you generate layout plans and 3D virtual tours for any space without expertise or architectural knowledge. Available 24/7 and fully scalable, it removes all barriers and dependencies in the layout planning process.

in 5 minutes, upload your office layout and requirements. after 24hr, qbiq will deliver a full-suite planning solution
upload you office layout and requirements - it will take you 5 mins. after 24 hours qbiq delivers a full suite planning solution.

3D virtual tours

Automatically generated 3D virtual tours that bring each test fit to life, providing an interactive and realistic experience.

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3 Test fit alternatives

Optimized by AI-powered engines that automatically create, compare, and assess every option to produce the test fits.


Performance analysis

A complete analytic report which compares each alternative’s attributes, helping your clients make informed, data-driven decisions.


Case Study

Supercharging Gindi Studio's Preliminary Planning by 300%

Gindi Studio integrated qbiq into their day-to-day operations,  streamlining the preliminary planning process and increasing capacity by 300%.  

Gindi studio case study
Gindi studio case study

Decades of architectural knowledge loaded into thousands of engines

qbiq combines years of architectural experience with cutting-edge technology to generate test fit alternatives, taking into account costs, build time, efficiency, and utilization. The result is an optimized output planned and designed down to the millimeter.

The qbiq planning packages are fully compliant with ADA Egress, local regulations, and building constraints, offering professional-grade design alternatives compatible with AIA (American Institution of Architecture).

qbiq adheres to Regulatory compliance

You’re in good company

You’re in good company