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Streamline Office Space
Decision Making.

Easily generate, compare and optimize layout plans and 3D Tours to make data-driven decisions. Find new locations and optimize existing properties with ease. 


Get an office layout plan in 24 hours

Get Customized Layout Plans
and 3D Tours in 24 hours


Choose your next location with ease

As your company grows, your time is more valuable, but so is the complexity of making important decisions - quickly. Traditional feasibility checks for multiple spaces can be time-consuming and difficult to compare. qbiq streamlines the process, making it faster, easier, and intuitive.

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Optimize and adjust existing spaces

“Can we fit 20 more people in the same space?” “How can we make our office hybrid?” These questions could be answered instantly. Generate various alternative layouts with tailored requirements while leveraging our comparative analysis that will help examine what’s best for you.


Cross-property brand guidelines

When evaluating office spaces, it's important to have a clear vision of how your brand will fit in. Our platform allows you to incorporate your own furniture and designs into floor plans and virtual tours, providing a realistic representation of how the space will look and helping to gain buy-in from decision-makers.

qbiq cuts 40% of average deal time! don't get left behind

How does it work?

qbiq’s self-serve platform helps you generate layout plans and 3D virtual tours for any space without expertise or architectural knowledge. Available 24/7 and fully scalable, it removes all barriers and dependencies in the layout planning process.

in 5 minutes, upload your office layout and requirements. after 24hr, qbiq will deliver a full-suite planning solution
upload you office layout and requirements - it will take you 5 mins. after 24 hours qbiq delivers a full suite planning solution.

3D virtual tours

Automatically generated 3D virtual tours that bring each test fit to life, providing an interactive and realistic experience.


3 Test fit alternatives

Optimized by AI-powered engines that automatically create, compare, and assess every option to produce the test fits.


Performance analysis

A complete analytic report which compares each alternative’s attributes, helping your clients make informed, data-driven decisions.


Case Study

Mavenir Global:
Finding the perfect office.

Yehuda Adar, Mavenir’s Global Facility Manager had to find just the right office space for the global technology software corporation in Bucharest, Romania – quickly. With time ticking away, he needed to find the perfect office space to set up Mavenir’s operations.

As Yehuda searched for an approach, he came across qbiq.

You’re in good company