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Your Xray Vision for Potential Properties

Accelerate decision making – generate tailored Co-working layout plans and 3D Tours for any property. Optimize spaces and maximize their potential. Find your next location at light-speed.

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Obtén un test-fit de oficina en 24 horas

Streamline Your Evaluation Process
and Maximize Workplace Utilization


Lightning-fast Planning

Say goodbye to delays and hello to first-to-market success with qbiq's 24H turnaround. Our platform can be utilized by anyone, regardless of prior design experience.

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Optimize Your Workplace

Maximize your workspace and optimize every square inch for maximum productivity. With our innovative approach, we've helped companies increase their seating capacity by an average of 10%.


Cross-property Brand Guidelines

When evaluating office spaces, it's important to have a clear vision of how your brand will fit in. Our platform allows you to incorporate your own furniture and designs into floor plans and virtual tours, providing a realistic representation of how the space will look and helping to gain buy-in from decision-makers.


Cost and Program Estimations

Create programs automatically according to your custom guidelines. Seal the deal with quantity takeoffs at a click of a button.

qbiq cuts 40% of average deal time! don't get left behind

¿Cómo funciona?

La intuitiva y autogestionable plataforma de qbiq te ayuda a generar layouts y recorridos virtuales en 3D para cualquier espacio sin necesidad de experiencia ni conocimientos de arquitectura. Está disponible 24/7 y es completamente escalable; elimina todas las barreras y la dependencia en el proceso de planificación.

in 5 minutes, upload your office layout and requirements. after 24hr, qbiq will deliver a full-suite planning solution
upload you office layout and requirements - it will take you 5 mins. after 24 hours qbiq delivers a full suite planning solution.

Recorridos virtuales en 3D

Los recorridos virtuales en 3D generados automáticamente le dan vida a cada test fit, lo que proporciona una experiencia interactiva y realista.


3 alternativas de test fit

Optimizado por motores de inteligencia artificial que crean, comparan y evalúan automáticamente cada opción para entregar los mejores test fits.


Análisis de rendimiento

Un informe analítico completo que compara las características de cada test fit para ayudar a los clientes a tomar decisiones informadas basadas en datos.


Case Study

ROOMS Co-working:
13% Annual Revenue Increase.

ROOMS by Fattal, a leading co-working chain, was looking to optimize their property’s potential to boost profitability. By utilizing qbiq, they were able to generate several layout options for the floor, providing valuable insights into the space’s efficiency and utilization, ultimately maximizing revenue.

Rooms Case Study

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