Generative AI for Commercial Real Estate

How To Utilize AI in the Real Estate Industry The real estate industry is undergoing a significant transformation. With the help of generative AI technology, the industry is able to create innovative and efficient solutions, especially for office spaces and commercial real estate (CRE) projects. This article will discuss the potential benefits of utilizing AI […]

Planning a Hybrid Office Space with AI

Hybrid Planning

AI-Powered Office Space Planning for a Hybrid Workplace Three years into the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become clear – hybrid working isn’t temporary. A work-life in which employees split their time between the office and working remotely is now the working model of choice for over 40% of employers in the United States. Hybrid working […]

Planning a Performance-Driven Office with AI

An office space affects your employees’ experience

How Well-Designed Offices Affect Company Performance The modern commercial office is no longer just about supporting a company’s operations. Studies show a correlation between employees’ happiness and their productivity and it is clear that the office space is one of the main tools for employers to support and elevate their employees’ well-being and, therefore, the […]

How AI is Changing Traditional Office Space Planning

Employees’ New Needs Are Changing The Traditional Office

Employees’ New Needs Are Changing The Traditional Office In the next few years, Silicon Valley offices are about to change dramatically. Facebook’s office has thousands of employees in a single, mile-long workspace. Google’s campus was designed by architects to promote as many spontaneous social encounters as possible. And Samsung’s U.S. headquarters will include vast outdoor […]