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Close more deals faster with qbiq’s planning solution, generating AI-powered office layout plans and 3D virtual tours at the click of a button.

3D commercial real estate layout planning done in seconds

Why qbiq

The first platform to automate real estate layout planning

qbiq’s planning solution delivers the next generation of test fits, generating layout plans customized for any space and any tenant in less than 24 hours. By accelerating turnaround at a fraction of the alternative cost, qbiq is transforming real estate layout planning for landlords, brokers, and architects.

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Delivered to customers every month



Floor plans generated
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Reduced from your real estate deal cycles

Unlock the potential of every space


Close deals faster

Get tailored plans in less than 24H and make faster decisions

Improve closing rates

Market your properties with accurate data at your fingertips

Reduce vacancy rates

Attract and engage the right tenants for each property

No expertise needed

Upload your floor plans and let our AI engines do the rest

Millions of sqf delivered every month

qbiq’s technology is making real estate layout planning easier and more accessible than ever. Our proprietary architecture optimization engines utilize deep-learning technology of generative design, image processing, and 3D visualization to deliver architectural-grade plans and data-driven insights in seconds.

Working with the largest real estate companies in the world, qbiq generates more than 10 million sf of tailored floor plans to end customers every month.

Remove the biggest bottleneck in real estate deals

By automating architectural planning, qbiq helps you make test fits an integral part of your business strategy,
saving you months of due diligence on every deal.

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Close deals faster, improve your closing rates, and win more listings Speed up your sales cycle →

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Reduce vacancy rates, empower your brokers, and provide better customer engagement Increase your revenue →

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Cut planning time to minutes and provide your clients with optimized test fits Innovate your business →

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